Friday, April 16, 2010

Processing Through Stress to the Other Side

I've been stressed. 

I know its pointless to stress because I believe it all works out the way it should.  But its in my nature and I'm working on it.  The latest source of stress came from finally deciding to pull the trigger and purchase a much needed second car.  After 8 months of "discussion", research, and negotiating, my husband found the truck of his dreams within the parameters of our budget.  It all works out the way it should...

I deal with stress in many ways, but first, I "veg" out, regroup, and refocus myself.  Its a proccess I've mastered over the years.  In my more selfish youth, I would lock myself in a room with my favorite TV and Junk Food to last me a weekend.  Now, the weekend has turned into a few hours in the middle of the night and I've expanded my "therapy" to include time and activities with my family.  The DVR has become a  most welcome tool during times such as these.  So I spend my insomnia nights blanking my brain with TV and movies, catch a few zzzz's, regroup and rejuvinate my center in the wee morning hours, and refocus myself with my family during the waking hours of day.

Next.  I organize.  Anything.  My desk.  My Thoughts.  My House.  My Life.  I have a continuous List of Organizing Projects, on-going and never-ending.  And that's a whole other post :)

I've been researching my newest endeavors.  This is part of  the "Trying Something New" goal I've been working on.  Now that I've taken the plunge into the intimidating role of waitressing, I am ready to test the waters of Direct Sales; all in the name of staying busy and making a little extra cash. 

I am an Avon Representative.  And I'm kinda excited about it and kinda intimidated because I am no good in sales.  But I'm trying and the more I learn about Avon and the whole process, the more excited I get.  Come along and join the Avon ride with me...Future posts to come :)

A major part of my day is the time I take to be still, pray, and begin my day living in a relationship with God.  This is where I find my center, my peace.  Here I devote to Him.  This is new for me.  My conscious effort to grow closer to God.  I'm not perfect in my attempt, but I strive to be wholehearted.  I'm learning.  I struggle.  I pray.  I trust. I believe.

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

I strive to always count my blessings, be thankful, and trust in God's plan. 
I'm a work in proggress...and I am blessed.


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Toni said...

I used to sell Avon too. It sort of sells itself. So obviously this post is pretty old but are you still doing it? Hope you don't mind a new blog stalker :D