Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day

This day also happens to be my Mother-in-Law's Birthday.  Lucky Lady! 
The family decided to have a feast for her prepared by each of us contributing something. 
Stephen, Makoa, and I were in charge of Bread and Dessert. 

This is my staple Sourdough French Bread that I make often.
Photo by  Taste of Home
For Dessert, I've been working on mastering the Molten Lava Cake, one of my favorites.
Photo from Tasty Kitchen
As for her gift, Makoa and I had fun with this. 

I had made Marvelous Marble Cream Cheese & Chocolate Muffins to take to dinner at a friends house the day before the birthday dinner.  I had one left, so I decided I would put a candle in it and have Makoa hold it for a picture to be framed and given to her as a gift.  That "photo session"  sparked a bit of inspiration. 

A HomeMade Birthday Card

As you can see, Makoa and I had fun.


Toni said...

That was too cute! I bet she loved it!

Mama Feel Good said...

Makoa makes an awesome taste tester! Wow, Lesle, I could use some baking lessons from you!