Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Facebook Photo Challenge

Day One
A picture of myself and 10 facts

1.  I am totally excited about my growing relationship with God.

2.  I am a wife to the hardest working, kindest, most generous man I know.

3.  I am LiViNG my dream of BEiNG a Mother.

4.  I am the Oldest of SIX siblings; 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

5.  I thrive on getting the MOST for my money, making a buck stretch, couponing, bargain shopping, and MAKiNG iT LAsT.

6.  I LoAThE being COLD.

7.  I am REALLY bad at "small talk".  I prefer "open book" conversations.

8.  I LoVe all things film, television, books.  Its my therapy.

9.  I pack our entire house to spend the whole day at the beach.  One of my favorite past times.

10.  HoME is where the HeARt is.  I am blessed with many homes.


Rebecca Meyers said...

Love it! I love the many homes.

Misha said...

Packing the house to go to the beach ... YES!!