Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Day Facebook Photo Challenge

Day 3
A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Those who know me, know to choose a favorite TV show is like having to choose a favorite child.  I am a self proclaimed TV addict.  And since I am choosing to pick ONE, I do so with this said:  This show is just one of my favorites.  I picked it because of the important content it contains, particularly in the character of Max and his family.


I love this show.  It brings me to tears and it makes me laugh. 
But most importantly, I love how well they are bringing awareness to Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
NBC Tuesday Nights 10pm/Eastern.

For the past, I'd say 10 years, I've been drawn to and, at first, fearful of Autism (ridiculous, I know).  I say drawn to because the subject always seem to be in any TV show or article or any random moment I'd come across.  It's not something I sought out or voluntarily researched in the beginning.  I just noticed the subject of Autism everywhere, all of a sudden.  I say fearful of because I tend to fear what I don't know or understand or know how to face.  And Autism, from the limited "by chance" knowledge I was receiving was daunting and haunting and it would break my heart EVERY time to see people on the spectrum unable to express themselves, be misunderstood, and then in turn judged negatively.  I have a strong desire to become AWARE, to learn about Autism and to help bring a positive awareness to others.   In doing so, I see more of the joy found in a person on the spectrum then their challenges.

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Rebecca Meyers said...

Lovely. I like this show too and have felt the same way you do about autism. It's intriguingly complex, yet simple, depending on the case.