Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Just Had To Share

Guess how much I saved?
Last night, to Stephen's and my dismay, we once again realized we were out of coffee for the morning.  And let me tell you, in this household, that is NEVER a good way to start off the morning.  So, thankfully, we have a gas station just outside the neighborhood that would provide us with our morning kickstart AND from immediate research online to find the store I would be going to to remedy our situation, Harris Teeter heard my cry. 

I LOVE Harris Teeter SALES! 
And I LOVE being an eVIC Member

This week I purchased:

Buy 2 Get 3 FREE!  So I bought TEN!

I see lots of baking in my future and lots of eggs spam and rice too!

Buy 2 Get 3 FREE!  Again, I bought TEN!
My sister Jesseca is coming for the Summer, so I need to stock up on CORN!
5 cans of Corn, 3 cans of Green Beans, & 2 cans of Peas

Buy 2 Get 3 FREE!  PLUS 2 coupons for $0.55/off 1!  So I bought 5 bags!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free!  I bought 2!
With my nephew in tow, we checked out and paid our bill, came home, scanned my purchase for the National Consumer Panel, and took a picture of our loot...

I paid $50 for $125 worth of groceries!

Yes, that's a $75 SAVINGS!

This is not something I do every week because the BEST savings is to NOT spend any money,
I do believe that "necessity is the mother of invention",

I LOVE getting the most for the money I do spend!


Shea said...

woohoooooo! good one :)

Toni said...

Sales like that are the best! Can't wait to hear about what you bake with all those eggs!

Mama Feel Good said...

that's awesome! Can you and Shea help me out in this department?! You both seem like pros at this!