Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Year in Review, Part 3

The Summer of 2010 I hope started a tradition.  Camp Lesle.  That's what my Godson, Jesse-Ikaika, calls his summer vacation with us.  As kids, we spent many summers with our cousins, aunties & uncles, grandparents...the best memories ever.  So its important to me and my family that our kids are raised with a village of family around them.  Last summer was a full summer.  Blessings all around. 

One such blessing is called Pea Island.

Pea Island is one of our favorite beaches.  We pack up the whole house, grab some fried chicken, junk food, a drinks, and spend the entire day lounging in the sun.

  There are miles and miles of open space.  On a "crowded" day, the next "camp" is about 20 yards away.  While Makoa is still young enough, we let him run around au natural. 

The boys have room to run and splash.
Kai is a natural water boy!  He LOVES getting tossed around in the shore break and he always remembers to give us the thumbs up sign when alls well in the water.

We love our Munchos...any kind of junk food works really :)


Lots of Sun and Sand Time

A bit of nap time too

I'm a blessed girl.


Toni said...

Oh how I miss the beach. You sure are blessed!

Rebecca Meyers said...

My fav is all the smiles with Kai buried. :) We'll join you this summer! We go every Sunday after church but normally go to Oregon Inlet. We'll have to keep truckin' down! More space!

Mama Feel Good said...

Camp Lesle looks like so much fun! It's great that Makoa & Jesse will be able to grow up together :)

Shea said...

This makes me crave some beach time! Is it summer yet?