Saturday, February 26, 2011

Year in Review, Part 4

Fourth of July 2010/Makoa's 2nd Birthday

Makoa was born on July 4th, 2008 and, of course, a few new traditions were created. 

One tradition is one that'll last as long as Makoa allows me to pick out his clothes.  My Aunty Theresa, who I consider one of my second mothers, has sent these outfits to Makoa every year. And every year they will be his "Birthday Suit" least for as long as he indulges me. 

 What a difference a year makes!

Makoa's 1st Birthday

Makoa's 2nd Birthday
The tradition of family and friends coming to my home and visiting for the weekend to celebrate each other is one that I grew up with.  Some of my first memories are of huge weekend family gatherings.  It seems there was always an occasion to celebrate, to cook huge amounts of food, to have friends and family of old and new gather under one roof. 

Since Makoa's birthday falls on a National Holiday and we are blessed to live at the beach, I get the privilage of hosting future memories.  I love when my home is full beyond capacity!
Makoa's 1st Birthday 2009
Makoa's 2nd Bithday 2010

Makoa's 1st Birthday 2009
Makoa's 2nd Birthday 2010

Makoa's 1st Birthday 2009

Makoa's 2nd Birthday 2010


Mama Feel Good said...

i love the bday clothes tradition! Aunty Theresa is such a sweet person :) I had no idea you guys lived on a beach! You guys are definitely blessed! Hopefully one year we can make it out to one of Makoa's b-days.

Rebecca Meyers said...

Yes, what a difference in one year! Can't wait to compare his 3rd (and see the adorable outfits)! You are such a wonderful mommy & daddy!